Alphatec PFE LTD

Our Promise to Customers

At Alphatec PFE we show a genuine commitment to our customers while priding ourselves on making each of our customers a high priority, thus, ensuring their complete satisfaction on any work carried out.

Binding Systems

AlphaTec PFE LTD. service a wide range of manufacturers. Contact us today to find out if we can help you.


GBC Magna Punch Ibico EPK21 Renz Combi E


Renz DTP 340 GBC TL2900 JBI Punch Bind 3300


GBC CC2700 GBC MP2000C4 GBC MP 2500 IX

Channel Binding

GBC Surebind System 1 GBC Surebind System 2 GBC Surebind System 3 Pro Gestetner Velobind 170 Gestetner Velobind 373


Fastback 11e Fsatback 15xs Fastback 25